Important Money Matters to Note if You Are Planning to Visit Myanmar


Myanmar is an exotic country with brilliant people. Their culture and history are rich and the geographic features excellent to witness, no wonder the country is a top tourist destination currently. If you are thinking of where to take your next trip, I suggest Myanmar with great reasons. As you budget for your trip, take note of the following tips:

The country has diverse options for all kinds of budgets. So it doesn’t matter whether you will backpack, seek accommodation in basic guesthouses or luxurious suites, there is something for everyone. However, there is usually a shortage of rooms and you may lack a place to sleep, so you should make your arrangements in advance. Get more information about myanmar holidays.

When you go to Myanmar, you will make your payments in the local currency, which is called Myanmar Kyat. When paying for items in the market or taxis, it is best to ask for prices beforehand because bargaining is allowed. When making larger purchases, you can use US dollars for your transactions and you can expect to get you change in the form of kyats.

There are many ATMs that provide the local currency, so you do not have to carry around huge chunks of money except for a few notes for back up. If you choose to carry some US dollar notes for back up, make sure that they are limited and in smaller denominations. There are no international banks in Myanmar, but Visas and MasterCard can be used in the ATMs. The use of the ATMs is limited due to inadequate Internet connectivity sometimes. For more information about the yangon tours, follow the link.

It is difficult to change your money outside the main cities, thus you should make proper arrangements if you plan on traveling out of town. Make a point of changing your money in banks and official money exchanges, not from the changers on the street. Ensure that your dollar bills are in excellent condition to avoid getting poor exchange rates. Note that, the exchange shops close at 4 pm and larger denominations get you a better rate.

Point of sale payment is limited, but increasing as Myanmar opens up to the world. Food and drinks are inexpensive, so you won’t expect to pay over ten US dollars for a well-made Western meal. You can find free Wi-Fi in restaurants and bars, but cost of the Internet outside the cities is higher than that of the towns which is 50 cents per hour. Tipping is not customary, but the hotel staff and tour guides accept the contribution.

The most historic sites will charge you entrance fees, ranging from two to twenty-five US dollars. Lastly, a local SIM card costs $1.5. You can roam with some international mobile networks, but the cost is usually higher.